The cement industry is an essential infrastructure industry and a device industry that applies the principle of economy of scale, which requires large initial investment costs.
Asia Cement produces and sells basic building materials such as cement, remicon, dry mortar, aggregate, and customized cement. In order to achieve sustainable competitiveness, we are making all-out efforts to realize target profits by increasing efficiency while reducing waste factors in management organizations such as optimal management of facilities and improving cost structure.
In addition, we are becoming a sustainable company through the development of excellent new products, responsible management, transparent management, and daily management innovation activities.
Halla Cement operates Okgye Plant, which produces Portland cement, Gwangyang Plant, Incheon Plant, and Pohang Plant, which produce slag cement and special cement.
In addition, we have established a sales network consisting of 5 sales branches and 13 distribution bases in each region and smoothly supply the best products and services through the nationwide transportation network through land transport, transportation, and shipping.
In addition, we are taking the lead in public environmental activities, including environmentally friendly mine restoration, as well as conducting safe businesses with the highest value of safety, health, and environment.
Asia Industrial Development specializes in producing and selling aggregate, which is a basic material for construction. Aggregate-related industries are industries that produce raw materials such as ready-mixed concrete and are directly affected by national SOC investment projects and construction business trends. Asia Industrial Development strives to supply the highest quality products along with the development of local communities by actively participating in social contribution activities as well as eco-friendly resource development.